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    Brooke Knight – Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Therapist

    Brooke has had the desire to help people be free of pain since childhood. Intrigued by the way the body systems work together, Brooke excelled in the study of anatomy and physiology. In 2001, she graduated from the VA School of Technology, having completed her Certification in Massage Therapy.

    Like the rest of the team at Coastal Wellness, Brooke isn’t interested in treating only the symptom; she wants to find the actual source of the pain. In fact, she has stated that this is her main goal in treatment.

    She continues to educate herself on the body, how it functions, and ways to improve that function and overall health.

    Knowing how important your involvement is in the healing process, Brooke will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your needs and concerns. From there, she creates a massage experience that will fit your individual needs.

    Combining her interest of anatomy and physiology with her knowledge of the power of touch, she has introduced such services as touch therapy for sufferers of PTSD as well as pre- and post-natal massage into the practice. Her areas of expertise include pain management, trigger point therapy, and medical massage. She also incorporates deep tissue and myo-facial release, Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage techniques. Brooke incorporates essential oils in her therapies to promote relaxation and healing.

    • Why I love working at the CW

      Brooke strongly believes that every client deserves her best efforts. She will work diligently to figure out the best strategy for your specific needs. When you work with Brooke, you don’t just get a run of the mill massage. You get a treatment plan, a plan that will reap amazing results for you.  She has developed an adaptive massage technique to be able to achieve that goal. That means that during your massage she will incorporate one or more of her specialties in order for you to see the astounding results.

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