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    We serve pour over and immersion coffee, we do this because we can control every part of the brewing process. We can control the grind of the coffee, the temperature of the water, the time the bean is in the water, the amount of time the bean releases carbon dioxide, the temperature of the cup, the temperature of the carafe and so much more.   Our beans are roasted locally here in corpus by Driftwood coffee company. The roaster Steven and I work very closely to ensure the beam Will produce the best quality cup of coffee they possibly can. Our coffee is not like your grandfathers that came out of a percolator not that there’s anything wrong with that there’s a time and place for everything, we’re trying to take coffee to the next level.


    We partnered with The Vine Juice Company here In Corpus Christi in an effort to provide the best quality juice in town. At The Vine they do not compromise on quality as they use the best kind of juicer on the market, a cold press juicer. This kind of juicer creates less oxidation and waste making the highest quality juice possible. All juices are pressed and served same day and are good for up to three days in the refrigerator.


    Our teas are selected and sourced organic and fair trade. We brew and serve to-go or you can hang out and enjoy the cup here in the shop. Our teas will vary with the season so please check out our facebook for our current selection! We spend a lot of time ensuring we brew at the correct amount, time and temperature of the water. All of these factors will affect the taste and experience of the tea. We don’t serve tea just for the sake of it, there’s a purpose behind every single one. Some teas are anti-inflammatory, some tees help with symptoms of anxiety, some teas help with digestive upset, and some teas can’t even help with sleep issues. There’re many other uses for teas and we do our best to provide you with the highest quality tea and information on what that is good for.


    Our Prep-Meals are provided by a partner of ours, Joint Venture. At Joint Venture they source local and provide high quality food and service. We carry a variety of their meals on a daily basis for your convince. Each meal will have a protein, starch, and veggie all of which are delicious. The portions are large and full of nutrients! If you would like to customize your meal we can order meals the way you like them! Just fill out the order form and get it back to us and we will have them ready for you in a couple days. Best of all they are all $6!!