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    Ionic Foot Detox – A Tool for More than Just Detoxification

    Ionic Foot Detox – A Tool for More than Just Detoxification

    Holistic practitioners of all kinds each have their own specific holistic toolkit. Within these toolkits are some of the most useful tools known to man, tools that bring fabulous health benefits to those who receive them.

    One tool, which has become more popular in recent years, is the ionic foot detox system. This foot detox has proven itself to be an extremely helpful holistic tool. It’s been helpful in pinpointing certain issues patients and clients may be having, as well as being an exceptional detoxification tool.

    What is involved in an ionic foot detox session and how will you benefit from this unusual holistic tool?

    What is Ionic Foot Detox?

    An ionic foot detox is a special foot bath. The theory behind the foot detox employs the philosophies of reflexology and ionization.

    Reflexology says that most, if not all of the body’s organs are represented on the feet. This is based on certain energy meridians and how they pertain to organ systems.

    Ionization is a process in which an atom or molecule attains a negative or positive charge because of losing or gaining electrons. Negatively charged ions are thought to improve health, which is why you may have seen an increase in air ionizers in recent years.

    In placing the feet in a foot bath of water and adding a mild electrical current, toxins can be drawn out of the feet and are then emptied into the water. The water and the electricity change the chemical makeup of the water, allowing it to stimulate the energy meridians, and the organs they’re associated with, thereby releasing pent up toxins.

    What to Expect During an Ionic Foot Detox Session

    During an ionic foot detox session, you basically get to sit back and relax. What a wonderful treat after a long day! Your foot detox therapist will ask you to remove your socks and shoes and then roll up your pant legs to the knee. You will then place your feet into a container of warm water. Within this warm water is a device, which delivers a small electrical current. You won’t feel anything – it’s not electrocution. The water is a medium used to deliver the current to the tissues, aiding in the detoxification of the organs.

    As you sit for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, you will notice the water beginning to change color. The main body of water may turn a muddy brown color. You will begin to notice other colors or flecks of colors begin to pop up in the darkened water. Your holistic practitioner will inform you of what all the colors mean and what you then need to do to take care of any issues or concerns.

    Your practitioner will then rinse and dry your feet, and then you’re done!

    Ionic Foot Detox Benefits

    There are two main benefits of the ionic foot detox:

    Analysis – As you are sitting there relaxing in the quiet with your feet immersed in warm water, you will begin to notice the water changing color. Each color is an indication of an organ or body system needing some attention. Colors represent such things as heavy metals in the body, issues with the kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, and circulatory system.

    The holistic practitioner will analyze the water to see what areas of the body need work. From there, they will give recommendations on what needs to be done. You may need to come back for further foot detox treatments. Or, you may need to incorporate other detox treatments such as herbs, supplements, or dietary changes. Sometimes the practitioner will recommend other therapies that detoxify and bring health to the body. These treatments include various massage therapy techniques, such as reflexology and deep tissue massage.

    Detoxification – Detoxification is a must for optimal health. Without detoxification, the body will try to find other ways to eliminate the waste and toxins within it – whether through the skin or other organs. Various organs in the body, such as the kidneys and liver, naturally assist in the detoxification process. If detoxification is not occurring on a regular basis, these organs can begin to be bogged down and stressed. They no longer function optimally. When this happens to the organs there is more chance of disease or even failure of particular organ systems.

    The ionic foot detox, in addition to being a holistic tool a practitioner can use to analyze the health of your body, also starts to detoxify the body from the very first session. Your therapist or practitioner, after analyzing your foot detox water, may determine that you are in fairly good health, but further foot detox treatment would be helpful in regular detoxification.

    As was stated, detoxification is very important to the health of the body. The body will try to find other ways to detox if it’s not happening properly or on a regular basis. If you suffer from acne, poor digestion, kidney or bladder infections, or any intestinal dysfunction, these may be indicators that your body needs some serious detoxification. An ionic foot detox is a holistic tool that can help with this process.

    Once you’ve had regular foot detox treatments, you will begin to notice clearer skin, less intestinal issues (bloating and constipation particularly), more energy, better mental focus, and improved circulation.

    We live in a very toxic environment. Toxic chemicals bombard us, and we have to deal with them to some extent in our air, soil, and water. If we fail to detoxify on a regular basis, the pent up toxins will tax our organs, leading to a variety of diseases and disorders. To prevent this sad occurrence, it is vitally important that detoxification happens regularly. One of the ways to do this is with the use of wonderful holistic tools and techniques, like the ionic foot detox. Call your holistic practitioner today to see if they offer, or will soon offer, this wonderful detox tool. With this foot detox, you will find you’ll have increased energy and better overall health. It’s definitely a holistic tool worth trying!

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