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    G. Jordan Bogard, Ed.D, M.A., Licensed Massage Therapist

    After serving in the human services profession for over a decade, Jordan transitioned into the discipline of massage therapy in 2014 when he realized the power of touch and the role it could play in cultivating physical and emotional health and well-being. Jordan holds advanced degrees in both education and psychology, and more recently earned his license to practice massage therapy (LMT) in the State of Texas.

    Embracing mind, body, and spiritual aspects as fundamental to the therapeutic process, Jordan strives not just to know the client, but to understand the person. In understanding the person, Jordan evaluates specific problems in their broader context, which leads to more effective treatment planning, optimizing the healing process.

    “Human touch is both a language in the purest sense and a most basic need.”

    In addition to his work at Coastal Wellness, Jordan, a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association, also provides massage therapy care for people in the community with physical disabilities and special needs. Eventually, Jordan would like to introduce therapeutic touch to survivors of domestic violence and their families.

    Excelling in pain-mitigation strategies, Jordan’s therapeutic specializations include Deep Tissue Technique, Myofascial Release (Functional & Trigger Point), and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (i.e. Post Isometric Relaxation/Reciprocal Inhibition; Muscle Energy).

    • Why I love working at the CW

      At Coastal Wellness, it’s faith, family, and community. Put simply, these are values I embrace.

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