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    Ken Knight – Holistic Health Coach

    Ken is a veteran of the US Navy. While in the Navy, he sustained an injury to his lower back. In immense pain, Ken was told that the best treatment option for his condition was to manage that pain with prescription drugs. After two and a half years, he became addicted to the pain medications. This is an issue that many people in this country are dealing with, and Ken can completely sympathize.

    Soon, Ken received a surgery that changed his life. It was a surgery that allowed him to start healing. The next step he wanted to take was to rid himself of the toxic effect his addiction to pain medication was having upon him.

    Addiction is extremely difficult to work through, which is why so many people end up back on drugs after attempting to give them up. It is a struggle, and Ken knows this all too well. In his own words: “It nearly killed me.”

    Being addicted to the pain medication almost cost Ken his marriage, his family, and his health. But he is a fighter! He fought for his family and his health and eventually, after some months, he was able to rid himself of his addiction. While this was a difficult time in his life, Ken is thankful for what he learned from the experience – the importance of loved ones and the importance of your health.

    From there, Ken went on a journey to find ways to deal with his pain in a holistic manner. Better yet, he wanted to find a way to get rid of pain and illness and achieve optimal health! On his journey he found The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, an institution promoting holistic health practices. Ken graduated from the program earning a certificate as a holistic health and nutrition coach. He isn’t stopping there, though! He is continuing his education and will soon earn a degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine.

    He has an abundance of knowledge both from his education and his life experience that can be put to work for you.

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      I know the value of my health and I want to help you find the value in yours as well. I’m on a personal mission to provide you with the tools needed to recapture your health.

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